Wednesday, 18 August 2010

our broken fairytale so hard to hide.

Hello Beautiful.

First blog and un-sure of what to write so not going to write to much. I say that but will probably end up writing pararagraphs. Well my mood is rather undecided as my nan is unwell and im rather worried. As i said not much to talk about but I will find somethimg to bore you with, dont worry! Well I've been thinking about when i go back to school...Which i am not bothered about one bit, to tell the truth i actually want to go back to school? Yes, I am normal its just these holidays are dragging; weathers horrible, nothing to do and everyone seems to have changed. While im on about school I need to find a school bag, it has to be black aswell wtf? Well i have found one but it is rather expensive... No wonder its from River island.
&I want some new clothes but the mother had already spent money on me for clothes, which I liked when I saw but now ive just gone of them. No im not spoilt or anything like that, I am just a rather fussy person? Oh yes, I need a new jacket for school aswell as my denim jacket is starting to annoy as it dont sit right... No the jacket i want is not from River island this time. Ah shoot, its decided to rain?
Well I think I have wrote enough and don't know what else to say. PEACE!